2022.09.15 \\ Ms. G Presents Anti-Love Songs


Thursday 15 September
8:30pm @ Level 1, Lazybones Lounge
294 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville 2204
Entry Illawarra Rd.

Ms. G is to Sydney’s Jazz Scene what Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was to rock: highly underrated. She is unlike anything else in Sydney’s music scene, oozing with soul and artistry that cannot be taught. Raw and expressive and dripping with sex, wielding influences that span from Tom Waits to Billy Holiday, her vocals are a piercing plea that get under the nails, under the skin, into the blood.

You think all this ‘anti-love’ stuff – the dark repertoire and the salacious banter with the audience – is (at best) a convenient artistic motif and (at worst) just schtick, until her voice breaks your heart in three places, and you realise this is the real deal, that what you’re feeling is the same ache people felt when a genre called jazz was still new. To use the famous words of Molly Meldrum: do yourself a favour and check her out. 


Ms. G (vocals)
Heather Prowse (trumpet)
Eitan Muir (guitar)
Nathan Gatt (bass)
Jack Rosenzweig (drums)