Free guitar exercises and music education resources for non-commercial use. If you find anything useful, please consider supporting my work by buying a record or making a small donation.

for electric guitar

Bite-sized arpeggio exercise incorporating wide LH stretches and RH string crossing. May be played fingerstyle, hybrid or with a plectrum.

Suggested major scale fingerings for electric guitar, to complement Adam Neely’s rigorous 5-hour major scale practice routine. A diagonal solution combining 3- and 4-NPS figures to minimise uncomfortable finger spacing.

Concise and challenging tapping exercise and all-round mental workout for electric guitar.

for teachers

Introductory guide to Stage Band/Big Band guitar style, created for the benefit of school jazz band directors, and to help new (particularly self-taught) guitarists settle into the band.

my research

Thesis completed as part of my Honours degree at UNSW Sydney; a study of jazz interaction in Linda May Han Oh’s recording ‘Yoda’ from her album Sun Pictures (2013).